About Mojo.

Mojo is what you get when a passionate writer and a creative designer cross streams.

Tony’s work as a museum interpretation specialist dovetailed superbly with Vickie’s design expertise and print industry knowledge.

And so, Mojo was born.

Our ethos is to make sure everything we do serves to engage, inform and enrich your visitors.

You have some amazing stories to tell. We can help you tell them brilliantly.

About Tony.

Tony is a content developer and interpretation text writer.

He’s passionate about communicating clearly and concisely.

Working with some of the world’s top exhibition-design companies, publishers and zoos, Tony writes stories for museums and visitor attractions worldwide.

He also produces content for publishers such as Bloomsbury, BBC magazines
and The Spectator magazine. He’s also written two books about boating on Britain’s canals and rivers.

Outside work Tony enjoys narrowboating, CrossFit and looking for reptiles in remote parts of the world.

About Vickie.

Vickie has over 20 years’ experience working in design and print. She is drawn to unusual projects, working with complex, detailed or unique stories.

She believes design isn’t just about making things look pretty. Every document has a job to do. Whether it’s promoting your product, conveying important information or delivering a fascinating story – good graphic design must engage and compel the audience.

A well-designed document will be engaging and pleasurable to read, and will succeed in its goal to enrich the intended audience.

When she’s not working, working out or feeding the local wildfowl, she’ll usually be found fixing something deep in the bilges of her narrowboat.

About Puck.

Puck has appeared in countless books, films and magazines and is infamously well-known to the gongoozlers on the UKs canals and rivers.

His responsibilities include security and team morale, as well as being the self-appointed captain of the ship.

When he’s not eating, sleeping or being petted he can be found being petted, eating or sleeping.