Bio Parc Colombia and Bio Parc Cyprus

Bio Parc Colombia and Bio Parc Cyprus

Cutting-edge zoo exhibits

It’s often said that it doesn’t matter what you know – what matters is how well you can explain it to other people.

Proposal documents aren’t often short of interesting information but, unfortunately, they are often short on style, produced in a way that makes them difficult to read and arduous to consume. We feel it’s such a shame to present fantastic ideas as a flat page of text. Great ideas should be presented with style, especially when your project is all about engagement and enrichment.

We were given a very specific brief for this proposal document by Regan Associates, an international zoo-development organisation based in Manchester, England. Their fledgling concept aims to develop a revolutionary new zoo and science attraction in Colombia, with links to universities and zoos in the UK. It was important to get the style of the proposal document exactly right as their plans would be presented to high-level academics, business leaders, diplomats and politicians, including the Colombian President.

Regan Associates are now looking for a suitable site in Colombia and discussing the next stages with officials and funding bodies. They are also now developing a similar concept for a Bio Parc project in Cyprus.

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