Cardigan Castle guidebook

Cardigan Castle guidebook

Museum guidebook writer

How fabulous would it be to sell thousands of copies of your guidebook? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a guidebook which was interesting, informative and engaging to read, and would appeal to most of your visitors?

Unfortunately, some museum guidebooks seem to be written in a way which only appeals primarily to experts, historians and other knowledgeable nerds. While there’s certainly a market for this type of book, you won’t sell many in your gift shop.

That’s why we approached the Cardigan Castle guidebook project from a different angle. Instead of writing in the usual, chronological and data-heavy style, we decided to feature only the best of Cardigan Castle’s stories as concise, standalone tales. Each story occupies a beautifully designed double-page spread and is supported by a striking image.

We were delighted to manage this project from start to finish, from researching and writing the guidebook to developing the design style and managing the print. Of course, we’re delighted with the finished product. But more importantly, so are the thousands of visitors who have bought the guidebook since its publication.

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