ChinaMuseum International Panda Exhibition

ChinaMuseum International

The Instagram Experience

A worldwide touring exhibition all about, you guessed it – pandas.

However, there’s something about this exhibition that’s a little bit different.

Whether we like it or not, the world is changing. It’s a change which is affecting visitor attractions of all kinds, from museums and heritage sites to zoos and wildlife parks, and it’s determining the popularity and footfall these attractions receive. What’s causing this change? Social media – that’s what.

OK, so mobile phones and social media have been around for a long time, but the team at ChinaMuseum International are among the first to fully embrace the way visitors want to share their experiences and memories. The entire experience has been developed to offer ‘Instagram-worthy’ opportunities, while at the same time providing the visitor with compelling and engaging information about these adorable and enigmatic creatures.

The experience nails it, not only with a fabulous visual presence but also by delivering a message about conservation and ecology. We were commissioned to research and write all of the information panels in this eye-wateringly beautiful exhibition, and we can’t wait to visit when the show comes to Europe.

We love the way the team approached the exhibition and we’re eager to get involved in similar projects.

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