Monet & Friends

Monet & Friends.

We must be doing something right.

Monet & Friends exhibition
Monet & Friends exhibition

It’s great to get paid for doing something we love, but what really gives us a thrill is knowing we’ve done a great job. Some of our bigger clients create several exhibitions each year, and we’re always excited to get a call back when they want us to work on the next project with them.

Recently it was Grande Experiences in Australia. We’ve already worked with them on inspiring projects such as Van Gogh Alive, Leaders and Alice in Wonderland. This time we produced the guidebook and interpretation panels for their smash-hit show about the impressionists.

Monet & Friends opened in Sydney and will soon be travelling worldwide to a venue near you. If you want to see what we do up close and personal, we recommend you go and see the show. We guarantee it’ll sweep you off your feet.

Images courtesy of Ben Apfelbaum.

Monet & Friends exhibition
Monet & Friends exhibition
Monet & Friends exhibition

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