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Why stories matter.

If interpretation, storytelling, writing labels or explaining the meaning of something is part of your role – stop what you are doing and watch this short video.

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It doesn’t matter what you know.

I heard a great quote this week that made me think about museum interpretation and copywriting in general. It was from Simon Sinek, author of the amazing book 'Start With Why'.

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Interpretation gone bad.

Sometimes, what you said isn’t what you thought you said. Interpretation is everything!

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How to write a museum guidebook.

If you’d like to sell more copies of your guidebook, do take a look at our article in Museums and Heritage Advisor, containing loads of tips and advice on how to create a great guidebook.

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The greatest museum label ever written.

In case you missed it – the greatest museum label ever written. Courtesy of Harvard Museum of Natural History.

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Competing with big budget museums.

We featured in one of the Association of Independent Museums guest blog posts – all about how smaller museums can attract, engage and enthuse visitors. And you don’t need a big budget to do it.

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