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The internet is a great place to go for information. Unfortunately it is also awash with bad advice. That’s why we launched the world’s first reptile trade magazine in association with Peregrine Livefoods.

As a pet-trade wholesaler Peregrine wanted to do more than simply generate profit. They also wanted to promote responsible and effective husbandry. The first magazine we produced for Peregrine was entirely written and designed by us with a specific trade-based readership in mind.

The trade magazine succeeded in its remit to deliver high-level content from some of the world’s leading herpetological experts, while also generating significant profits for Peregrine.

Following its success, Peregrine launched a second magazine, this time focusing on reptile pet keepers, hobbyists and breeders. Exotics Keeper Magazine aimed to promote good husbandry practices and responsible reptile keeping, while also generating charitable donations for reptile-related good causes. Again, this title was written and designed entirely by us.

We’re enormously proud of these two titles and what the ground-breaking progress have achieved.

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