Peregrine Magazine

Peregrine Magazine and Exotics Keeper Magazine.

Dreams do come true.

Not many people know that, in a previous life, Tony worked with reptiles – everything from looking after Europe’s largest reptile breeding facility, to travelling to the world’s deepest and darkest corners to learn about rare and endangered species.

It all started when he was a young kid, working weekends in a reptile house in the West Midlands. Each month he’d read the glossy reptile magazines, dream about the animals he’d like to breed and the places he’d like to go to see them in the wild. Later, when he started writing for a living, he’d write magazine features about his adventures and the animals he worked with, dreaming that one day he might run his own reptile magazine.

An unlikely dream – or so he thought, considering the magazine industries have been in decline for decades. But why let a small challenge like that stand in the way?

Fast forward a few years and some rather random planets aligned to make this dream come true. Over the course of three years we produced two monthly magazine titles, Tony writing the content, interviews and features for the magazines, before handing it over to Vickie to add the design magic.

The finished products are engaging, informative and gorgeous to look at.


Dreams do come true!

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