The Interpretation Handbook.

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The Interpretation Handbook.

Interpretation panels are the most common form of communication between museums and their visitors. Sadly, many panels are so painfully difficult and onerous to read that visitors often don’t bother. We’d like to change that.


The Interpretation Handbook aims to guide you through the most important principles of interpretation, helping you to understand why it is so important and how to do it well.

By reading this book you’re not going to become an interpretation ninja overnight. Instead, the book reveals the principles to help you become a better panel writer. It will explain why interpretation is important, what it should achieve, and why it’s so vital to get it right. It looks at how bad interpretation happens and offers practical advice, hints and tips to help you create better interpretation panels and guidebooks.

You have some amazing stories to tell.

This book can help you tell them brilliantly.

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